In the heat of battle true warriors are forged! Now integrate iron hardness and durability, merciless precision and speed. It’s only about survival, them or you, victory or defeat!              
But the 1337 Tough stays faithfully by your side, regardless of whatever comes!

Its nonslip bottom provides the stability that you now need.
Its finely structured surface, made out of hard plastic, is especially adapted for PTFE skates and offers you maneuverability with exactly the speed and precision needed to doom your opponents.

The 1337 Tough offers 355 x 255 mm space for expansive operations, and with a height of 3 mm, the comfort needed in heated battles.
Plástico rígido
Base de borracha antiderrapante:
220 g
Dimensões (L x W x H):
355 x 255 x 3 mm
Conteúdo da embalagem
1337 Tough
Código EAN
Info. do Produto